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By Anne L. Klinck

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This assortment makes a speciality of a woman's perspective in love poetry, and juxtaposes poems by way of girls and poems approximately girls to elevate questions on how femininity is built. even if such a lot medieval ''woman's songs'' are both nameless or male-authored lyrics in a favored kind, the time period can usefully be increased to hide poetry composed by means of girls, and poetry that's aristocratic or realized instead of renowned. Poetry from historic Greece and Rome that resonates with the medieval poems can also be incorporated right here. Readers will discover a diversity of voices, usually echoing related subject matters, as ladies have a good time or lament, compliment or condemn, plead or curse, converse in jest or in earnest, to males and to one another, approximately love.

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I’ll begin at the beginning. I saved you. The Greeks know it, all those who embarked on that ship, the Argo, when you were sent to subdue the fire-breathing bulls to the yoke and sow the deadly field. The dragon which surrounded the Golden Fleece, sleeplessly guarding it with his many-folded coils, I killed—I held up for you the light of safety. I personally betrayed my father and my house, when I came to Iolchos and the foot of Mount Pelion with you; I was more eager than wise. I killed Pelias; he died a most dreadful death, at the hands of his own daughters; I brought ruin on the whole house.

RγρNσθαι δP πρ νεjμεθα κhμμε R ia μy ’πιλbθησθε. ρθρον, Rπεg κα πρdτο iοιδ Rξ εSνd κελαδxσG iνασχqν εvτριχα δειρbν. Υμyν z ΥμNναιε, γbμH Rπ τuδε χαρεgη . ” Farewell, bride; farewell bridegroom and favored son-in-law. May Leto, nurse of the young, grant to you fine children, and Aphrodite of Cyprus reciprocated love, and Zeus son of Cronos unfading prosperity, that will pass from noble parents to noble children. Sleep on each other’s breast, breathing love and desire. But remember to wake at dawn.

C. C. Meter: One of the sung sections of the play, this passage uses cretic (long-short-long), iambic, possibly anapaestic (short–short–long), and trochaic meters. All of these are common in comedy; the iambic is associated with invective and burlesque, the cretic and trochaic with vigorous movement. Euripides Medea 465–519 When Jason went to Colchis to bring back the Golden Fleece, Medea, the king’s daughter, helped him with her magic, and then fled with him, murdering and dismembering her brother to distract her father from his pursuit.

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