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By S. Caticha-Ellis

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L! t _A )! ci ~ ~{ )! t ~ J1 8-1 ~{ ~ )! w. l! 9! BJ )'! 9! t L! Li ffi ll ~{ Lj ~ }] ~ li !!!! sV BJ J:l li )'! ~ Bi ~{ Gtii~ li~ )I 2:! t ~ 2:! li ---23 2:!? li 2V ~ ~{ li --sl ~Jl ~ ~ clarifying the natural state Once you have embraced a thought with this presence of mind, you need not keep any other aim, so you get a sense of feeling very free. During this type of release and relaxation, you appreciate the vital point of remaining in a free and easy state of mind. You have gained progress once this has become simple to sustain.

It is easy to resolve that (this conscious mind) does not consist of any shape, color, location, support or material substance. However, if you take it to be a definable entity that is aware and empty and you remain quietly in that state, you are still unresolved, since that is the meditative mood of stillness. Therefore, make mandala offerings, supplicate with deep devotion and investigate each instance of how it is aware, how it is empty and what its real mode is. Through this you may find that mind is not comprised of a concrete or material substance and therefore has no shape or color, no dwelling place or support.

Q~~·q~ll clarifying the natural state At the beginning, you gain a slight degree of thoughtfree calm amidst the turbulence of the many gross and subtle thoughts. This is the first stage of shamatha, similar to a mountain stream rolling through a gorge. Next, the thinking, for the most part, vanishes; so that your shamatha state remains serenely blissful. However, whenever a strong movement of thought occurs you are unable to keep it down. From time to time you get involved in being scattered and agitated.

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