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By Edward Gorey

ISBN-10: 0399504206

ISBN-13: 9780399504204

20 extra Gorey tales! (In addition to the 15 came across here.)

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I stood, rolled m y chair back into place, and took a step toward m y office door, w h e r e m y jacket h u n g all day, unused except w h e n the air-conditioning became violent or I had a presentation to give; b u t as soon as I felt myself take that step, I experienced a sharpening of dissatisfaction with the whole notion that m y daily acts of shoe-tying could have alone w o r n out m y shoelaces. W h a t a b o u t the variety of tiny stretchings a n d pullings that the shoe itself exerted o n its laces as I walked a r o u n d ?

A battery for your second smoke a l a r m . " "That's right! No, actually Russ b o u g h t extras. He's smart, you k n o w ? " " S m a r t g u y , " I said, tapping m y temple as she had. " "CVS, m a y b e ? There's a shoe repair place over by Delicato's—no, that's closed. " I p u t d o w n the date-stamper in its correct position o n her desktop. " B y e . " "Did you sign o u t ? " I said I had. She wagged her finger at m e . "I have to watch you every m i n u t e . Have a nice l u n c h ! " I stepped a w a y t o w a r d the m e n ' s room, and the lunch h o u r beyond.

His plan w a s to m a r k e t a bottled m o c h a version of it called Café Ole, a m o c k - u p of which, with a dramatic Zorro-like logo scripted diagonally across the label, sat o n our mantel for a while after the plan w a s set aside. I have to include, too, the subsidized half-pints of milk w e b o u g h t in school for four cents and raced each other to drink in o n e skull-chilling continuous inhalation o n the paper straw—this mystical four cents linked b o t h with the picture of the tall glass of milk in the poster of the four food groups, a n d with the rule that you should have four glasses of milk every day, a rule I faithfully followed, drinking four at o n e sitting just before bed if I had to.

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