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L. & FISHMAN,N. S. 1989. Synfolding magnetization in the Jurassic Preuss Sandstone, Wyoming-Idaho-Utah thrust belt. Journal of Geophysical Research, 94, 13681-13705. JOLLY, A. D. & SHERIFF, S. D. 1993. Paleomagnetic study of thrust sheet motion along the Rocky Mountain front in Montana. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 104,779-785. KIRKER, A. I. 1994. Kinematics and rotational deformation of the Betic-Rif arc in southwestern Spain. DPhil thesis, Oxford. KISSEL, C. & LAJ, C. 1988. The Tertiary geodynamic evolution of the Aegean arc, a paleomagnetic reconstruction.

C. 1986. Paleomagnetic implications on the evolution of the Tethys belt from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pamirs since the Triassic. Tectonophysics, 123, 37-82. --, The Neogene remagnetization in the western Betics: a brief comment on the reliability of palaeomagnetic directions J. J. V I L L A L A I N 1, M. L. O S E T E 1, R. V E G A S 2, V. G A R C I A - D U E l q A S 3 & F. HELLER 4 1 Departamento de Fisica de la Tierra, Astronomia y Astrofisica I, Universidad Complutense, Madrid 28040, Spain 2 Departamento de Geodin{tmica, Universidad Complutense, Madrid 28040, Spain 3 Departamento de Geodin6mica, Instituto Andaluz de Geologia Mediterrdmea, CSIC and Universidad de Granada, 18071 Granada, Spain 4 Institutfiir Geophysik, ETH-HOnggerberg, CH-8093 Ziirich, Switzerland Abstract: Recent palaeomagnetic investigations in the western Subbetics have shown the existence of a widespread pervasive magnetic overprint of Neogene age in Upper Jurassic rocks.

The original Jurassic component is frequently of very low intensity and is absent in some samples. Therefore, only a very detailed thermal demagnetization procedure can isolate the original Jurassic component. This magnetic behaviour could easily cause errors in the interpretation of the two components. The secondary c o m p o n e n t could be interpreted erroneously as primary. Enlarged scatter of the data and apparent rotations could be produced if the components are not identified correctly.

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Aircrewmans Gunnery Manual [NAVAER 00-80S-40] - USAF

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