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Каталог авиационных товаров.Aircraft Spruce forte has released a brand new, all-color, 88-page pilot provides catalog that is to be had at no cost. airplane Spruce has noticeable an increasing marketplace for pilot provides over the last decade and made up our minds, for the ease of its buyers, to extract the pilot offers from its complete aviation catalog and placed all of them in a single position, in colour. items within the new catalog contain proven items like hand held GPS and nav/coms, JPI and Electronics overseas engine displays and scanners, headsets, intercoms, flight baggage, plotters, desktops, laminated money lists, folding motorcycles, oxygen platforms, windsocks, survival equipment, flight jackets, Scheyden sun shades, climate stations, flashlights, Jeppesen and ASA flight education items, aviation software program and simulators, charts, movies, books, and lots more and plenty extra.

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P/N 13-30300 ................................ 50 A colorful little plotter with a rotating azimuth that makes it much easier to plot a courseline. Place the compass rose over your departure point and rotate the straight edge towards destination. Presto! An instant readout of your course! Reads distance in statute miles or nautical miles for both sectional & WAC charts. Made of bullet proof Lexan. Won’t crack, break or warp in extreme heat or cold. 95 PLOTTERS AND SLIDE COMPUTERS These are specially-designed for easy use.

Note (11/pkg) ...................................... 50 Compass Rose (11/package) ............. 50 Outlines (17/package) ......................... 50 Accents (16/package) ......................... 50 COURSE LINE End the confusion of multiple pen or pencil lines on your sectional chart. This transparent tape, brightly printed in a highly visible color, is graduated in nautical miles with distinctive 5 & 10 mile “Tick” marks. No need to pick up a plotter or scale to determine distance along your course line.

Calculates all necessary flight planning and enroute navigation requirements. 95 PJ-1 ROTATING AZIMUTH Measure the true course or to determine the magnetic course. Includes scales for sectional terminal area & WAC charts in statute & nautical miles. 25 x 13”; 3-3/8“ Dia. 49 PV-5 IFR ENROUTE PLOTTER E6-B8D DELUXE WIND TRIANGLE & T/S/D NAVIGATION COMPUTER Deluxe all plastic dtudent pilot wind triangle & T/S/D navigation computer. Features the new exclusive windspeed cursor which shows the speed and drift without pencil marks.

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