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Relays are generally used to amplify the contact capability or multiply the switching functions of a remote switch or sensing device. The following examples illustrate a few of the t'unctions for which relays may be used within an lVlCC. Figures 3-11 and 3-12 demonstrate how a relay amplifies contact capacity. Figure 3-11 represents a current amplification. Relay and starter coil voltages are the same (220 volts), but the ampere rating of the temperature switch is too low to handle the current drawn by the starter coil (M).

Each unit generally consists of a "C" shaped case with upper and lower barrier plates and a component mounting panel. The upper and lower barrier plates are the means of isolating the cubicle from units mounted directly above and below in the structure. These barrier plates also provide the mounting tabs for unit support brackets, latches, and lifting handles for un;_ removal. These assemblies (commonly referred to as "buckets") can be removed from and reinstalled into the MCC enclosure with minimal difficulty.

Bimetallic relays offer both adwmtages and disadvantages when compared with the melting alloy relays. Bimetallic units have the ability to be converted from manual reset to automatic reset. The automatic reset feature is not normally desirable, as it most often leaves the root cause of the problem unsolved. The automatic reset function could potentially allow the motor to heat up, be disconnected, cool off, and restart repetitively until the motor eventually fails (assuming no operator intervention).

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Aging Mgmt Guidelines for Comml Nucl Powerplants [motor ctl centers]

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