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By Ru Emerson

ISBN-10: 0786913797

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Vengeance could be served

A village burns whereas its attackers flee into the evening. Enraged, the King of Keoland orders an getting older warrior to guide a band of adventurers on a retaliatory strike. As they arrange to go into the center of the monsters' lair, each one is familiar with basically the bravest will live to tell the tale. opposed to the percentages. opposed to the giants.

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Each stood at a 7’-long mithral spike that glimmered in their torchlight, and they waited. When the enemy’s charge was in hearing range, the dwarf drummers behind the line began pounding a rhythm, and the spikers stood their ground. When the Army of Darkness broke through the trees 200 yards north of them, the drums still pounded and the spikers waited, each with a massive mallet ready. As the horde closed the gap swiftly, the Allies stood ready without fear. When they reached a certain point, a flaming arrow arced high over the battlefield.

Crusaders’ Cry Dates: Nightal 12-14 Victor: Cormanthyr’s Elves/Allies From the elves’ point of view, this was the most successful of the battles of the Elven Court Crusade, as it drove the enemy right where they wanted—into the Creator’s House! Once there, the mezzoloths, orcs, and hobgoblins had to destroy the drowcrafted web-gate at great cost for their own survival, a task the elves had never been able to accomplish across the years. While the Lady Dhuurniv suspected Arfaern Ildacer of treachery with this shift in the tide of battle, she could not prove that he had planned this, as the nighttime battle shifted this far east in the city and around the temples due to the late mobilization of her own right flank.

They managed to unite south and east of the Standing Stone, though at least six of their “slain” N’vaelahr managed to get word to Arms-Captain Selorn in Myth Drannor, so resistance forces could be assembled before they reached the city again. The two groups met at the Standing Stone, to find that the commanding fire giant colonel had conscripted two young green dragons to their side to counter the silver and electrum dragon allies of the elves. United with the Dalesmen and Cormyreans of the Snowsblood Trail, Cormanthyr’s forces held the day thanks to the masterful strategies of Captain Selorn.

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