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By Victoria Schofield

ISBN-10: 184885188X

ISBN-13: 9781848851887

For hundreds of years, males have fought and died at the Afghan frontier -- American squaddies and the Taliban are basically the newest. because the gateway to India and the crossroads of critical Asia, Afghanistan has tempted the greed and starvation for strength of numerous invaders, from the Greek armies of Alexander the good to Brezhnev’s Soviet forces. shelter of spies and mountainous court docket of intrigue, this frontier international is likely one of the such a lot haunting and substantial battlefields in the world. This version of Afghan Frontier contains a new afterword from the writer, finishing the gripping portrait of a area that's as treacherous because it is beautiful.

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There was none of the animosity which was to greet later travellers. Already, foreigners had a reputation for being doctors; when news of Masson’s arrival spread, ‘several persons came who were afflicted with disorders or wounds, it being supposed here as elsewhere that a feringhee must necessarily be a hakim (doctor) or physician. ’ He was pleased to note that he received many thanks for his advice. While Masson was wandering around the frontier areas of India and Afghanistan clad ‘in garments of little worth’, other foreigners were enriching themselves in the pay of one or other ruler.

I repress with an effort the impulse to describe, or try to describe, the sunrise over the mountains. All the available and suitable words have doubtless been used before by several writers and skipped by many readers. Indeed I am inclined to think that descriptions of this kind, however good, convey nothing to those who have not seen the lovely spectacle and are unnecessary to those who have. Nature will not be admired by proxy. Hazara Hazara, once called Urasha, is separated from the Frontier territory by the river Indus which flows down from Swat towards Attock, leaving Hazara on the right.

A legend surrounds the name of the lake of Saiful Maluk in the valley of Kagan at the northern tip of Hazara, near the town of Naran; a prince of Delhi heard that a fairy queen lived in the mountains near the great 26,660-foot mountain of Nanga Parbat (‘the Naked Mountain’) in Chilas State. Inspired by the stories of her beauty, he went in search of her. After much ‘travel of countries’ (safr maluk) he arrived at the lake; he was told in a vision there that he would have to wait for twelve years before he could see the fairy queen.

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