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By Gary Gygax

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An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complex Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, certain skills, descriptiosn and random come across tables.

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Fraz-Urb‘luu dwellson an abyssal plane which seemsto be totallyflat and featureless. The dreary place is actually alive to the demon‘s wishes, and shapes itself accordingly into hills, caves, etc. From the experiences of the 2 individuals who have been there and returned, the horrible place is not onlydepressing and sickening, but magic items there lose their dweomer (as proved by the loss of swords of utmost prowess carried there by the 2 hapless individuals). Therefore, while the demon undoubtedly has a great store of treasure (0, P, S, T, U, Z), it seems 90% certain that items of magical nature other than artifacts or relics will be spoiled.

It will then attack with its short tentacles, seeking to inject the target with a venom that will be fatal in 6 rounds. (Saving throw vs. ) Seized charactersattackat -1 to hit. Characterssoenvenomed may be carried off by the piscodaemon for later dining. The faceted eyes, bulging from the sides of the monster's head, give the daemon the ability to see around and behind so that it cannot be surprised. Also, due to its aquatic nature, all water-based attacksare -1 per a damage die. Piscodaemonsare oftimes summoned to the Prime Material Plane to act as labor or guards.

Twice Per day a bar-lgura can use the following powers: change self, invisibility, and spectral force. At all times a barlgura has infravision. When it desires, a bar-lgura canchange itscoloration to any of the following hues: black, brown. gray. green, orange. purple, or red. Transformation requires 1 round. Normal weapons have full effect upon this type of demon. P. VALUE: VW1275 + l o hp Baron: V111/4409 +15 hp Marquis: IX/6500 +20 hp "Roll l d 4 : 1 = 17, 2 = 18, 3 = 18/10%, 4 = 18/20%, exceptional strength rolls over 18/00 equal 19.

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