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This compound was dephosphorylated, oxidized to the dialdehyde form, and then reduced with K B [ H ] H to 2 -[r'-ribosyl-2"-(r"-[ H]-ribosyl)]adenosine heptol, as shown in Fig. 14. Then this labeled compound was purified by high perfor­ mance liquid chromatography and its presence was actually demonstrated as shown in Fig. 15. , 3 , 3 4 II. PROPERTIES OF POLY(ADP-RIBOSE) A. Physicochemical Properties Large scale synthesis of poly(ADP-ribose) was achieved by incubating [ C ] N A D (5-10 x 10 cpm/μιηοΐ) with calf thymus nuclei.

1973). , 1976a). 2. Pyridine Nucleotide Metabolism and ADP-Ribosylation 35 C. NAD Turnover Cycles Since the proposal of the original pyridine nucleotide cycle by Gholson (1966), a number of different cycles have been proposed (Foster and Moat, 1980), and evidence has been presented in support of each one. These cycles are shown on Table III. The breakdown and resynthesis of NAD can occur in three, four, five, or six metabolic steps. In their review of bacterial pyridine nucleotide metabolism, Foster and Moat (1980) have referred to each cycle by the number of metabolic steps in the cycle.

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