A Spanish learning grammar by Pilar Munoz; Mike Thacker PDF

By Pilar Munoz; Mike Thacker

ISBN-10: 1444116630

ISBN-13: 9781444116632

A moment version of this renowned Spanish Grammar. conceal; booklet name; Contents; Acknowledgements; Bibliography; advent; word list of Grammatical phrases; half I; half II; Key to half I: workouts; Key to half II: workouts; Index

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Fresh fruit is good for you. Sometimes we want to emphasise a particular quality by comparing the degree to which two nouns possess that quality: Fresh fruit is better for you than chocolate. A comparison takes place when we say that somebody or something possesses a quality to a greater degree: Tony is more hard-working than Adam. Or to a lesser degree: Tony is less clever than Adam. Or to the same degree: Adam is as reliable as Tony. A teacher speaking about these two students might say: Tony is more hard-working than Adam but Adam is cleverer; the one is as reliable as the other.

Plural español española españoles españolas Spanish inglés inglesa ingleses inglesas English castellano castellana castellanos castellanas Castilian andaluz andaluza andaluces andaluzas Andalusian Su padre es alemán y su madre francesa pero sus abuelos, por parte de padre, eran daneses y su otra abuela sueca; es lo que se dice una verdadera europea. 6 Her father is German and her mother French, but her grandparents, on her father’s side, were Danish and her other grandmother Swedish; she’s what you’d call a true European.

C Compramos (los zapatos). d Vendemos (la casa). e Ha traído (los discos). f Metí (la llave) en la puerta. g No conozco (a tu hija). h No he leído (el folleto). i Han devuelto (la revista). j ¿Has visto (a mis amigas)? 2 Rewrite the sentences, changing the words in brackets into indirect object pronouns: Example: Conté la historia a mi padre. Le conté la historia. a Devolveré el libro (a tu profesor). b Diremos la verdad (a Juana y Carmen). c ¿Por qué no damos los caramelos (a los muchachos)? d Pagué el alquiler (al dueño).

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