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By Miller B. I.

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Com, she types that URL into her browser. com, pulls down the web page, and sends it on to the browser. com. Chapter 5: Blocking Spammers with DNS Blacklists 49 50 Chapter 5: Blocking Spammers with DNS Blacklists Using a proxy provides a certain level of inherent anonymity. The user’s IP address never appears in the McGraw-Hill web server’s logs—the proxy’s IP address does. Typically, proxies limit what networks can connect to them. Open proxies, however, allow any user to connect to them from anywhere, and use them to go anywhere.

The idea is appealing to us, even if its implementation has the same huge looming obstacles that the challenge/response or the spammer server slowdown strategies would have. Speaking of obstacles, the micro-payment plan has the additional complexity of needing maturity with the digital money vendors, which is clearly not present in today’s markets. Further, the focus on the importance of good network security takes the lead position since the risks of being used as a spam pump by an unscrupulous spammer would cost the relaying site real money and bear real consequences of organizational liability more onerous than just financial losses.

As we briefly covered in Chapter 3 with the other “futuristic” challenge-response models for fighting spam, Extreme Programming has taken the necessary step of making a usable service out of the concept. Its service keeps all inbound e-mail in quarantine while the sender’s authenticity is verified. Senders that have already been authenticated by the system are allowed access to transmit mail without holdup, but unknown senders are challenged by a response mail with an embedded web link back to the Extreme Programming server.

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