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By Caryl Phillips

ISBN-10: 0307424324

ISBN-13: 9780307424327

Dorothy is a retired schoolteacher who has lately moved to a housing property in a small village. Solomon is a night-watchman, an immigrant from an unnamed kingdom in Africa. each one is determined for romance. And but every one harbors secrets and techniques which could make achieving it impossible.

With breathtaking insurance and compassion, Caryl Phillips retraces the trails that lead Dorothy and Solomon to their assembly element: her failed marriage and ruinous obsession with a more youthful guy, the horrors he witnessed as a soldier in his disintegrating homeland, and the cruelty he encounters as a stranger in his new one. Intimate and panoramic, measured and shattering, Shore charts the oceanic expanses that separate humans from their houses, their hearts, and their selves.

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My Jeep is old and ugly, but it’s useful. A few years ago I had an electric winch installed on the front with two hundred feet of cable wrapped around its drum. I powered it up, took the drum brake off, secured the cable around a solid bridge stanchion about thirty feet from the edge of the fissure, set it again, and prepared to back the Jeep down the fifty-degree embankment. I didn’t know if I could climb the opposite slope even in 4-wheellow, but I figured I’d think of something when I got down there.

Our Master Agreement specified that because I was tenured, malfeasance and gross incompetence had to be documented by one or more administrators, I had to be given at least three chances to redeem myself, and I was to enjoy due process every step of the way. As it turned out, the high school principal and the director of secondary education were too chickenshit to confront me with any documentation sessions, I didn’t want to redeem myself, and everyone was too busy trying to figure out a way to hide me from sight or get rid of me outside of channels to worry about due process.

My head hurt abysmally. “It was an interesting way to try to kill yourself” came the woman’s voice again. I was sure it was a woman. And something about the voice was hauntingly familiar. ” I asked, hearing the raggedness in my voice. I swiveled my head as far as it would go but was rewarded with only a glimpse of movement in the shadows behind me. The woman was walking just outside the reach of firelight. I was sitting against a low boulder. Five strands of rope were looped around my chest and the rock.

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