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By Martin J. Boord

ISBN-10: 3936372004

ISBN-13: 9783936372007

Integrated during this e-book are brief tantras of Vajrakila and a whole translation of an important statement ever written with reference to kila rites and their figuring out for enlightenment.
Composed through Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra, and Silamanju, all proof issues to the truth that those impressive texts marks the very foundation of the tantric cult of the wrathful deity Vajrakila.

Compiled in Nepal greater than twelve hundred years in the past at the foundation of all recognized kila lore, this can be a paintings of clarification during which the numerous convoluted strands of summary Buddhist philosophy and tantric yoga have been skilfully interwoven with the black magic practices of village sorcerers that allows you to produce a coherent entire that, upon its next transmission to Tibet, was once to develop into essentially the most renowned and enduring traditions of strong non secular mysticism.

Opening with an meeting of citations of Sanskrit resources that supply an concept of the improvement of kila lore at the southern aspect of the good Himalayan divide, the publication then strikes directly to the Tibetan texts that express simply how this lore was once got and understood upon its transmission to the north.

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Its tongue will come out. Cutting it off, one will become the master of a hundred servants. He will live for an aeon. He will sport and enjoy himself on the summit of Mt. Meru [and], when he dies, he becomes a ruler without rival. [Bhiitaldamara-tantra, chapter V (maranavidhi): Taking a kila of human bone, four digits in length, if this be buried in a house when the moon is in the lunar mansion of Pusya, so long as [it remains buried] there will be the destruction of the family line. And this is the mantra: OM HNM PHAT SVAHA.

OM AH Jaya the king of wrath, you must nail down all the evil obstructors and their retinues HUM PHAT. OM AH Vighnantakrt you must nail down all the evil followers of Kubera and their retinues HUM PHAT. OM AH Acala you must nail down all the evil followers of Vinayakaand their retinues HUM PHAT. OM AH Vijaya the king zwath, you must nail down all the evil followen of iiana and their retinues HUM mantra one should hammer them and nail them down. And it should be understood that Yamantaka, Prajiiantaka, Padmantaka, and ~ i ~ h n i l n t a koccupy a the places of Mahavijaya, Kanikrodha, Trailokyaprasiidhaka and Viravikrama, in that order.

Or in his shop, field or house, it causes the destruction of his livelihood. (71) It is also taught that kila made of wood from trees that have been burned by lightning [may be employed] in just this same ritual. 122-159): Divyavadiina XXX: S1 A young naga who is responsible for the welfare and prosperity of the kingdom of North Paficala is threatened with kidnap by an evil sorcerer (vidyamantradhara, holder of charms and spells, or ahitundika, snake charmer) in the employment of the evil ruler of the impoverished South Paficala.

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