7 Keys to Comprehension: How to Help Your Kids Read It and by Susan Zimmermann, Chryse Hutchins PDF

By Susan Zimmermann, Chryse Hutchins

ISBN-10: 0307453189

ISBN-13: 9780307453181

It's basic: If young children don't comprehend what they learn, they are going to by no means include studying. And that limits what they could examine whereas at school. This truth frightens mom and dad, concerns academics, and finally hurts children.

7 Keys to Comprehension is the results of state of the art examine. It offers mom and dad and teachers—those who aren't already utilizing this helpful program—practical, considerate suggestion concerning the seven uncomplicated considering options that informed readers use:

• Connecting analyzing to their history knowledge
• growing sensory images
• Asking questions
• Drawing inferences
• identifying what's important
• Synthesizing ideas
• fixing problems

Easily understood, simply utilized, and confirmed profitable, this crucial academic instrument is helping mom and dad and academics to show studying right into a enjoyable and profitable event.

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7 Keys to Comprehension: How to Help Your Kids Read It and Get It! by Susan Zimmermann, Chryse Hutchins

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