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Rotating the select knob will show differing numbers of partitions with their approximate drive size. 44GB, etc. If you hit the ENTER key, but have not changed the setting, nothing will be done to the disk and the following message will appear: ALREADY SET FOR THIS NUMBER OF DRIVES 50 • Operating Instructions DigiCart/II Plus Owner's Manual Change the setting to the number of drive partitions that are needed and press ENTER. Because this operation will reformat the entire hard disk, you will be ask to confirm your intention several times.

By default, recordings made from the analog inputs and the professional AES/EBU or AES/SMPTE-75 inputs are not copyright protected when output in the consumer format. The COPY PROTECTED CONSUMER MODE allows non-protected material to be output as a copyright protected original in the consumer format. NOTE: The XLR outputs should not be used when the CONSUMER and COPY PROTECTED CONSUMER settings are selected. 1. Press the SETUP MENU button and use the selection controls to choose and confirm your selection: DIGITAL OUTPUT PROFESSIONAL FORMAT OR DigiCart/II Plus Owner's Manual Operating Instructions • 37 DIGITAL OUTPUT CONSUMER FORMAT OR DIGITAL OUTPUT COPY PROT.

XXXX CUT NAME PUSH PLAY TO REPLACE Press PLAY to record to the ID number on the top line. If you elect to NOT OVERWRITE the targeted cut, use the SELECT control to choose an empty ID in the same Directory, locking out all existing cuts, or press STOP to cancel recording. Recording Time Limit Enhances the management of available Disk space of DigiCart/II Plus and accelerates entry to the Record Ready condition when set to smaller values. Furthermore, you can start a recording and walk away knowing that after the specified time limit (setting +5%), the unit will stop recording.

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