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However, the existence of such agenda setters can certainly not be considered sufficient to guarantee success against powerful interest groups (Williamson and Haggard, 1994; Tommasi and Velasco, 1996). This is particularly highlighted by the Slovene case, in which one of the most influential individual policymakers could not impose pension privatisation against the opposition of the unions and the Finance Ministry. Bresser Pereira, Maravall and Przeworski (1993, p. 208) have pointed out that policy reform has been pursued in four distinct styles: while decretism (reliance on presidential rule by decree) and mandatism (executive use of a legislative majority to short-cut legislation) are two exclusive, technocratic policy styles, parliamentarism and corporatism/concertation involve extensive negotiations with opposing forces in the legislature, and beyond.

2001E), /DV UHIRUPDV GH SHQVLRQHV HQ $PpULFD /DWLQD \ (XURSD 2ULHQWDO FRQWH[WR FRQFHSWRV H[SHULHQFLDV SUiFWLFDV \ HQVHxDQ]DV, document prepared for the Euro-Latin American Co-operation Network (RECAL), mimeo, Frankfurt (Oder). Müller, K. (2001F), “The Making of Pension Privatisation in Latin America and Eastern Europe – A Cross-Regional Comparison”, paper prepared for the IIASA World Bank Workshop “The Political Economy of Pension Reform”, Laxenburg, 5 April. Müller, K. (2002D), “Between State and Market: Czech and Slovene Pension Reform in Comparison”, in E.

Participation in these new institutions is mandatory for third category workers born after 1959, who must redirect part of their first tier contributions – to be gradually increased from 2 to 5% of wages – to one of the private pension fund administrators. For more details, see Chiappe (2001) and Müller (2002G). 30 Meanwhile, this iconoclastic reform has survived its first regime change, after being endorsed by the newly elected government of Bulgaria’s ex-monarch, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. 'LVPLVVLQJ SHQVLRQ SULYDWLVDWLRQ LQ WKH &]HFK 5HSXEOLF DQG 6ORYHQLD 7KH FDVH RI WKH &]HFK 5HSXEOLF18 Compared with other post-socialist countries, the drop in the insured/pensioner ratio, occurring in the context of economic transformation, only hit the Czech Republic in the second half of the 1990s, after economic crisis had pushed up unemployment rates.

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