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Longevity is rising fast, quite possibly a lot faster than most forecasts. Even with more saving, later retirement is the only way to make all the sums add up. Not only is this unpopular, but it also raises questions of fairness, because higher socio-economic groups live several years longer than the lowest. The temptation for the government to procrastinate is not about to disappear. Copyright © 2005 The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group. All rights reserved. Story_ID=4109068 About sponsorship Private tuition School's out Jun 23rd 2005 From The Economist print edition Education outside school is booming, and a new industry with it IT IS big, fast-growing, largely invisible, unregulated and fragmented.

Unlike rows about the budget, the constitutional rejection raises profound questions about the EU's legitimacy and underlying purpose. EU leaders' claims to have agreed on the constitution at the summit look threadbare. Mr Juncker still insists that the constitution is alive, and might indeed come into force one day (see Charlemagne). At the same time he announced a pause in the ratification process, to allow a broader debate among European citizens. It is clear that, in Mr Juncker's mind (and he was supported by the presidents of both the commission and the European Parliament), there can be only one acceptable outcome of this debate: eventual ratification of the constitution.

But Mr Angry is not one he normally likes to play. Referring to the stalemate over a new budget settlement, Mr Blair remarked: “It is said that the failure to reach a deal has deepened Europe's crisis; that Europe's credibility demanded a deal. No. Europe's credibility demands the right deal—not the usual cobbled-together compromise in the early hours of the morning, but a deal that recognises the nature of the crisis. This crisis is not about the failure of Europe's leaders to reach agreement with each other.

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2D semiclassical model for high harmonic generation from gas by Chen L.

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